Twilight Smoke

by dead katz

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the good days are behind us.


released March 9, 2015

bass on track 2 written and performed by david wilsey.



all rights reserved


dead katz Visalia, California

a lonely ghost wandering through the desert.

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Track Name: Ghost World
oh babe, i say i’ll try to change but i know i’ll just stay the same
you don’t like me and that’s okay. i’ll just smoke away my days

i’m stuck in this deadbeat town. i don’t know if i’m getting out
i don’t have friends and i have no home. i’ll just live life on my own
Track Name: Where There's A Will, There's Failure
tell me it’s all okay so i can stay inside. won’t leave the house today
trash me and try to get me back. but i was never yours, so you can just stay sad

i miss sitting on your porch. when can we just be friends? i want to talk again
you said you hate my guts. well, you’re just like me, but not half as lonely.

you said that it’s not the same and that it’s not your fault. i was the one to blame
i feel like you tore me up. i know it’s not the same. i’ll never be in love again.
Track Name: Saint Judas
smoke on my porch while i’m feeling so dead
while all of the clouds just build up in my head
smoke on my porch just for something to do
after all of this time i’m still thinking of you

burnt down my house when it was getting too dark
lighting mexican candles that started a spark
burnt down my house just for something to do
there are too many things that remind me of you
Track Name: "Best Friends Forever"
i think i’ll be okay in the coming days

i’ll spend my time inside my room
you’ll make your way inside as i swoon
drag me right back down to my doom
until you find someone whose better than me
and i’ll move on

you’ll make your way right back in my head
i’ll dwell on all the things that you said
fun nights and faded memories
and wondering if you think of me on lonely nights all by yourself

i spent all my time in your room
promised that i would be back soon
fun nights and faded memories
oh babe, do you think of me?
Track Name: The Graveyard Song
laughter melts away
kids around my grave
i wish that they were you

wander through the trees
whispers in their leaves
feelings melt away
Track Name: No Worries
lay around
you won’t leave your room, though you wanted to
with your favorite tunes
it’s where we loved you everyday

waste away
and it’s all the same. no one’s listening
i’m stuck in my brain
don’t have much to say anyways

count the days
until i see your face in sadder place
light up different planes
while you’re in my brain everyday
Track Name: The Heartbreak Kid//(Alone)
i watch the rain just like before
i float away to sandy shores where i don’t seem to feel so sad
and everyone is not so bad

i sit and wait on your front porch
i melt away into your arms
i know you’re not
you know i’m not
we know we’re not in love
Track Name: I Should Have Just Stayed Inside
i would try to get to know you
but courage stands by and leaves me to die
so i’ll just fade out into the background
and you’ll see through me just like the movies

melting happily inside my body
while lights are flashing i give in slowly
forget the past and where i’m at
while i still try to get to know you
Track Name: .wave.
wait it out while coming down
while you’re still home safe and sound

i need to get into your bones
so i can feel right at home

with you i know that everything will be just fine
i don’t have all those bad things on my mind
so we’ll just wait until the morning comes
it never comes