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Lost Amongst The Noise Of The Earth

by dead katz

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Told me you weren't home I still felt bad, you know Wait here alone or You and me, I don't care Lonely, I sigh I was not unprepared Tearing all of your notes Tear me up when I go But I still made my mistake Coming home But it's only when I wait by the phone Sick from words that you say Hold it in, you don't give a fuck anyway Holy, exalted, I save your embrace You said it all Just a word you can't say
Love goes away This time, learn to stay Burn me through the holy light I'll stay here for the night as everything in me cries Come and learn to go Lost and weary soul Burn those thoughts away Love steals everything But you don't seem to leave my mind You keep me up at night through haunted, sickly dreams Wait there in-between the lines You get me for tonight as everything in me cries Torn up faded glory Lost in whatever I feel Life is what you wanted So let it consume your soul Sing out while you're talking I felt the sun in my eye Let down, this wasted effort So scared, because I don't want this now
I lost you in my bedroom You lost me in a dream You couldn't take your medication I couldn't tell you much of me that I could recall Left outside until you want me Left me out inside your fire The flames that warm me feel so lovely They tear away at my desire Won't let me go until I don't want you Let me fade into your dream Know I could never really love you But I guess that it's just my needs that I can recall Burnt out from all the tension that burns away the garden deep inside Still you have my attention, the everlasting pyre warms my life
Animals 03:29
Whatever, forever numb Birds leaving to turn me down They're singing I softly drown All the animals barely getting out I accept everything Let it burn away, let it slip away Like I could let you in Burn up all the notes at the same time If I can, I'll detach Don't feel for me, I'm the enemy I regret all but you
From Above 02:41
I can list them all when I sing Burnt away into everything I don't have to hide with you around I don't lose it all when you're down I won't let you down When I'm not around Burnt away from all the little things Tell me that there's nothing to see I don't think I'll need anything Or the words you say to me I won't let you down When I'm not around Feel lost on yourself Feel better
Dear Elliott 04:35
Dear Elliott, I'm sorry for the way it fell apart when it hit the light of day It fades into dust The chains start to rust And Elliott, did you find that special place? Does it bring a sad smile to your face when you think of me? I hope you're happy Oh Elliott, can you see the sun explode? We're coming out In the visions you foretold the way stars collide We can no longer hide
Cycles 01:48
Blind 02:20
Please go away Just let it go already "I've got nothing to say It's only momentary Get it through your head Just let it go already I've already said I'm not the person to meet you Get out of my head Just let it go already I've already said that I am good and ready You can't relate, so let it go already I hate how we play Just let this go already" Stay here with me, I still want you Hopeless Lovers can't forget you Gently through the night I wander Hopeless fire, hopeless lover
1//1//1 02:49
Goodbye lover, you don't have to cry no more Our forever lost beneath the guilty shores I don't love you, but I sure as hell will try I don't need you, but I want you in my life Goodbye Ella, take these words into your hands I devour all of the falling sand Our forever birthed up into the heavens As they're singing, we will fall into their hands
Honeyhead 04:13
Not like this forever but I know that you don't mind Crossed into the bedroom, someones saying when you lie I was only bad at talking through your medicated dreams Honeyhead forever so I know what they all need Put a voice into the passing time to tell me when I go "I think that you were waiting but I guess next time I'll know" I hop into the car as we both get into your head I was elevated Hoping anything I ran to you Turn it on, bring me a love song "I did, I'm making a bird call" I get it all, less of a burnt home Let it all be what I don't know Put on to the waiting All the time that I will save Burn like this forever inside of the love you gave I barely open up as I'm getting over you Everything I thought of is set up until I do So in bed I suffocated, growing, I don't think I'm dead Drown it in the river and become as I wanted I was sucking up the water, close the sun over my head Never felt like anything and I had thought you ran until you Turn it on, bring me a love song "I did, I'm making a bird call" I get it all, less of a burnt home Let it all be what I don't know
Love Letter 03:25
Turn it on, bring me a love song I did, I'm making a bird call I get it all, less of a burnt home Let it all be what I don't know


released November 22, 2021

ZT203 ~ Z Tapes Records ~ 2021


all rights reserved



dead katz Visalia, California

a lonely ghost wandering through the desert.

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