Everything I Could Ever Say Without Saying Anything At All

by dead katz

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Nathan Howard
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Nathan Howard This is easily the best release Dead Katz has done to date. If you enjoy lo-fi, melancholic, and often poppy songs, then give this album a spin! Favorite track: Back to Kool.
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released January 20, 2016

thank you to Gabriella McWilliams for drawing the album artwork.
thank you to George over at Space Friends Records
thank you to everyone who has ever taken the time to listen to my music. you're all rad.



all rights reserved


dead katz Visalia, California

a lonely ghost wandering through the desert.

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Track Name: My Heart Was Swallowed Up In The Sands Of The Desert
talking to myself all alone in the dark to try and make myself feel better, well that's one way to start
i'm just thinking about the stars in the end when they fall
i wonder if they feel sad or feel nothing at all like me
and on our way back home
realize we're all alone
and the voices in your head
tell you:
"you're already dead to the world, this is no place to start. they'd all like you so much better with some lead in your heart. so go take your poison, try to drown us all out. that won't change the fact that you'd be better off in the ground like me."
and i'll put them back to sleep
tuck them in-between the sheets
as i kiss them on the cheek
recite words that sound too sweet
whisper insecurities
that i'll see them in my dreams
as i nullify my needs
i'll put myself back to sleep in the desert where i'll serve out my time
i'd sell my soul for money if you just show me where to sign
talking to myself all alone in the dark to try and make myself feel better
i don't know where to start
and i'll wait up through the night with their head at my heel
i sold out my heart so i would have more appeal
i thought i was a loser, now i know that it's true
i think i might be rotten, but now i'm just like you
Track Name: Blood In The Basement
her words are diamonds in the sand
she tried to call me and i ran
her fractured fingers trace my spine
opened her mouth and stole my time

i try to stay out of my mind, lying in my bed at night
i can feel a million eyes when i turn off the lights
they try to strip my body clean and smash me in the dirt
i try to harden up my shell so that i don't get hurt

melt into wax and waste away, lying in my bed all day
try to get me to leave my cave, but today's not the day
her head is full of pretty words that she'll never share with me
her words are diamonds in the sand and that's all they'll ever be

as our bodies melt away, there's nothing left i want to say
blood in the basement, i lost my nerve
thought "i'd rather be with her"
but i'm fine